Date: Monday, Jul 22, 2024

From: The Home Office Of Frank Tombarelli

Subject: The Big Commissions Letter


I know this letter may be long for some but I encourage you to read it in its entirety. In this letter is the exact secrets and frameworks to put you on the path to financial freedom. It'll open your eyes to a unique business model that has been quietly creating 6 & 7 figure earners for over 30 years. It can absolutely do the same for you...

WHO ARE WE? We're the LIFESTYLE CONSULTANT GROUP (LCG). We launched in January 2014 and we're the premier high ticket direct sales opportunity in the $427 billion home business industry. We put our team and this opportunity together because we were FED UP with the other options out there (we've tried most of them) that don't work for most people. We provide a proven system and income vehicle so people have a real chance to succeed. Our members get everything they need to create a 6 figure income with our business opportunity. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY.

There are literally millions of people every single week searching for ways to make money online or from home. We have a solution for the truly serious, non-broke ones. For a ONE TIME investment, we offer people the opportunity to earn what they’re worth and create an amazing lifestyle of time and financial freedom!


LCG offers one of the ONLY solutions available online today that provides you with the realistic potential for a 6 figure income working part time hours from home. As you’ll see, the reason is because we use a proven system PLUS we pay out the highest commissions in the industry. What that means is you don't have to have any experience AND just 2 average sales a month can put you over $100,000 (and our system does the selling for you!). If you’re serious and are motivated to make BIG commissions, then we are YOUR SOLUTION!

More and more people are realizing that you can have time freedom and still make money, thanks to the internet and online businesses. You can create your own lifestyle and live life on your terms. WOW WHAT A CONCEPT! That’s what we’re all about. We’ve put together the required “team infrastructure” & sales funnels to help all of our members succeed with this high paying business. Our goal is for ALL of our team members to make AT LEAST a $10,000 monthly income.

Especially in today's economy everybody needs a PLAN B. Whether it's part time or full time, having your own LCG business can provide an additional income source or a complete career change and can also protect you against the unknowns of a shaky economy. 


How Our Commission Plan Works

You're eligible to earn commissions UP TO the membership level you own. SO... If you get started at The $995 level, you will earn $995 per sale. The $2,000 level pays $995 and $2,000... The $3,500 level pays you $995, $2000 & $3,500... The $6,500 level pays you $995, $2,000, $3,500 & $6,500... The $9,995 level pays you at all 5 commissions levels ($995, $2000, $3500, $6500 & $9,995). So it's important to choose the level that you can afford AND that can create the income you desire.

With that in mind, you can always upgrade your membership down the road simply by paying the difference between the membership you own and the membership you're upgrading to. For example, to upgrade from the $3,500 level to the $6,500 would cost $3,000. 


What Are Your Other Options?

Commission Based Sales Job? Do you really want to have sales quotas, a crazy boss looking over your shoulder, intense pressure, and have to split your commissions with the company? If so, go for it. I did in my past. But, being your own business owner here at LCG lets you work at your own pace, have no sales quotas or pressure, and the ability to earn 100% commissions. You keep it all! YES, there's an upfront investment that scares non-entrepreneurial types away BUT you'll be in profit after your first or second sale so there's very little risk and you'll continue earning 100% commissions up to $9,995 per sale forever!

Network Marketing? Many of our members come from the OVER-HYPED & Unrealistic world of MLM (Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing). MLM looks great on paper but that doesn't translate to the real world. Statistically just .03% of the millions of MLM distributors make more than $10,000 a month. In fact, the median income for an MLM rep is just $200 a month! The odds are stacked against you for sure! If you want to get rich, quit falling for the "kick your feet up on the beach residual income dream" that doesn't exist in reality!

Affiliate Marketing? This is selling other people's products (Amazon, Clickbank, JV Zoo, etc) for a  commission (typically less than $100/sale so you have to make a LOT of sales). To be successful with this business model... you have to be a "techie" since you'll need to build websites, become a social media star and you'll also need a big advertising budget. 

Franchises? For some entrepreneurs, franchising is a way to start a business with an established brand name in the marketplace. You typically need deep pockets and be wiling to wait about 3 years on average to get profitable. Some people consider our business model "franchise-style" since LCG is virtually Plug-N-Play but we don't have the regulations or the price tag or the long runway to profit you find with most franchises SO...  

Okay… so if MLM and Affiliate Programs don't work... what’s the solution? Well, the solution involves two tried and tested elements that combined create a powerhouse compensation plan that simply levels the playing field for everyone and creates fast income. 

If you look at anyone who has made serious money you can quickly discover they were someone who was selling something to someone else. You can also see that what they sell earns them a sizable profit on every sale. So this tells us that high ticket offers combined with direct selling is absolutely your best winning formula for success.

In today’s times most people want immediate results. They turn to the internet to make money and they want to make that money NOW. This most likely describes you. Plain and simple, the only way that can happen is by selling HIGH TICKET. That's what we do!

How Will You Make Money With Our Business?

We show you how to advertise to find leads and you send them to your personalized sales funnel that you'll get as a member of LCG. Our automated website selling system will educate your leads on the opportunity. It will resonate with some of them AND for every sale made, you'll make $995 - $9,995 in commission, depending on the membership level & reseller license you own. It's really that simple!

Of course we have to also take a look at the one thing that sadly stops many from ever achieving the success they desire but it really doesn’t have to. It’s the fear of trying something new and failing. This will hold you back if you let it. You CAN do this!

It's time to BET ON YOURSELF. Nobody will make it happen for you but YOU. It may require you to leave your comfort zone if you've never been an entrepreneur before but the payoff can be massive in both income AND time freedom. And remember, you don't have to quit your job or change what you're currently doing since working our business only requires 10-15 hours a week!

The opportunity we've put together is second to none in the industry and offers you a viable and lucrative alternative to pretty much everything else out there. It doesn't require any more time, energy or effort to sell a high ticket offer than it does a low ticket offer. The difference is in the marketing and who you sell it to. We will show you EXACTLY how to build your own successful HIGH TICKET direct sales business!

Every business needs products to change hands in order to make money. We're no different. Each of our membership levels includes a package of high quality digital eLearning products (with Reseller Licenses) PLUS our Lifestyle Consultant Group proprietary products all designed to empower you for real success in a large variety of very useful areas of business & life.

Each product package contains valuable information covering the most popular topics on the internet today: Business/Marketing, Personal Development & Make Money Online. To review all of the eCourses currently offered in each package... CLICK HERE.

Getting started is easy. You simply review this website, watch our webinar & talk with one of our team members to make an informed decision about which option meets your level of aggressiveness, income goals and financial ability (we offer 100% financing options).    

The Real Key To Why You'll Succeed With Our Program Is Our "2 Sales A Month" Approach. You Don't Have To Be A Sales Superstar To Make An Incredible Income...

Hopefully You Can See How Lucrative Our Business Is & How It Can Solve Your Current Situation... It's Time To Take The Next Step...

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